Rachel Heaton (solo Violinist)

Rachel is a professional violinist that offers solo violin or ambient layered violin soundscapes for your ceremony.   Rachel's journey with the violin from a young age has been rich and diverse - and this contributes to her skill (and joy!) in creating a memorable atmosphere with the violin that works seamlessly with what you envision for your ceremony.  

Rachel began violin at the age of 5 in the Suzuki method - being trained by  the inspiring Naomi Burns Delafield throughout her childhood and teenage years.  Discovering and feeling an affinity to the vitality of Irish traditional music as a teen Rachel made it her goal to move to Ireland - which she did in her early 20's - immersing herself first hand in the oral cultural tradition of learning and playing Irish fiddle.  Rachel has been based in the Northern Rivers NSW for the past 15 years and when not playing bespoke ceremonies - teaches fiddle, plays session violin for various artists - and is currently getting excited about what fiddlers were doing in Paris in the 1930's on a Manouche trio project.   

Rachel is known for her professionalism and humble nature and approaches each ceremony as an opportunity to make a beautiful day just that touch more beautiful with the sounds of her violin.