Miss Amber & Stukulele

Miss Amber and Stukulele from 'Uke Mullum' have been running UKE NIGHT every month in Mullumbimby since July of 2011. They create a new themed songbook of 20 songs so the patrons can strum and sing a long. Needless to say they have an extensive and varied set list. The Duo often perform with a double bassist Rod Coe and of late, a clarinet / flute and accordion player, Kate Gittins. Their favourite styles are lounge and swinging crooner tunes, though you’ll be surprised at what you can pull off with a ukulele. When they are not presenting UKE NIGHT you might find them at cafes, festivals and events. They have two releases of original tunes. A very versatile and charming outfit.

Available to book as a duo or 4 piece band with ukulele, vocals, wind instruments (clarinet / flute) and double bass.